Why MrWork?

Social Network benchmark data is based on a combination of consumer and recruitment campaigns – this means targeting can sometimes not be totally relevant.

All of our benchmarks are based purely on specialist recruitment data to ensure targeting is more effective.


All of our cross network campaigns are managed via 1 solution allowing us to optimise based on results across multiple networks as opposed to individually.

Meaning  we can optimise more effectively ensuring maximum results. Balancing creating awareness and conversion across all networks.


MrWork can monitor multiple networks at once allowing more control over who your brand is exposed to and when.

This allows us to protect your brand – we can optimise based on the frequency of one post across multiple networks.


MrWork is built to measure how engaged a target candidate audience are by you as a potential employer of choice. Measuring this means the intelligence software can determine which type of content to retarget that audience with based on how they interact with it.

This means MrWork can personalise the candidate journey ensuring that target only sees content relevant to them ensuring stronger conversion.

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