Recruitment Intelligence Software

Recruitment Automation from Awareness to Conversion

Talent Analysis

Your target audience is analyzed by our unique Social Media Search tool. The results will show you the size of the target audience, and their online behaviour.

Using data from thousands of past campaigns, MrWork will determine the ideal campaign strategy to engage with target candidates.

Advanced Talent Targeting Tools

Intelligent Social Media campaigns and programmatic display advertising guides the target group gradually through the “Employee Journey”

Talent Pool Software

MrWork keeps track of how engaged your audience is. Candidates who show an interest in your employer brand are stored in your own unique talent pool.

Campaigns are then focused to respond to the interest of the candidates in your target group, so that we are now communicating directly to them.

  • Java Developers 60%
  • Business Development Manager 80%
  • Project Co-ordinator 47%
  • Assistant Controller 78%

Access your data dashboard to see real-time campaign results

Real-time campaign results and data can be found in your personal dashboard. That way you are always fully informed of the progress of your campaigns.

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