How we used the power of Social Media to attract the best Software Developers!

22 August 2018 - Alex Jones

MrWork used a mix of social media channels, multimedia content and pioneering targeting methods to drive a huge amount of relevant applications from a highly sought after section of the workforce. This enabled MrWork's client to increase it's workforce diversity and fill business critical vacancies with quality professionals.


A leading healthcare software specialist came to MrWork with a need to attract outstanding Software Developers and IT Professionals to expand their workforce and stay ahead of their competition. Due to the highly competitive environment and huge demand in the current labour market for IT Professionals, recruiting these high quality candidates was a major challenge.

A second major objective for the client was to generate a more gender equal and diverse workforce. This would be achieved by raising awareness and interest in their company as being an employer of choice for female audiences.


The solution involved mapping out the audience in detail and discovering the key networks to utilise in the campaign in order to reach the most relevant candidates. After MrWork had established the details of the multi-channel approach a comprehensive content plan and story that would highlight the client's EVP and attract the best candidates was planned and set into action.

The client and MrWork met to discuss the challenges being faced and how they could collaborate to develop the best recruitment solution to achieve their goals. Together, they mapped a series of mini-campaigns across multiple networks, to feature video content, images and stories that would build immersive and compelling story to engage and inspire the targeted audience.

The client and MrWork established daily contact to analyse the up-to-the-minute insights of the campaigns, learning from each phase to optimise the strategy moving forwards. This strong dynamic partnership enabled MrWork and the client to make informed decisions to drive applications to meet the specific needs of the client.

“The campaign has been great, we are really pleased with it and can’t speak highly enough of the campaign team”

Over the three month period, the campaign generated more than 100 applications from a highly coveted section of the labour market. This enabled the client to fill several key developer vacancies that positively impacted their productivity and organisational performance.

There was a 57% relevancy rate from all of the applications received. In addition to a number of initial direct hires, over half of the applicants moved onto the initial stages a recruitment process. This helped the client’s recruiters massively reduce their resourcing time, cost of hire and future proofed their talent pipeline for further hiring cycles.

As an added positive, over 20% of all applications were from females, helping the client increase the diversity of their current workforce and also their potential talent pool for future openings.