Social Recruiting for 2018

14 December 2017 - Zeno Lampe

As 2017 comes to a close, I’m finding myself increasingly amused by all the latest articles on ‘The next BIG thing’ in recruitment’ such as VR and Machine Learning-Based Algorithms (seriously, are we just stringing lots of random words together in the hope they sound good?) The truth is all the tools you need are already there at your fingertips, the problem is that the majority of the recruitment industry are using them ineffectively.

Every day I sit with HRD’s, heads of recruitment and resourcing teams who scratch their heads and wonder why their social efforts aren’t working. The fact is that you can’t play at social recruitment anymore. What I mean by that, is that ‘being seen’ to be social isn’t enough. Employing a graduate who spends their time sticking some job ads on Twitter and doing PPC Facebook campaigns is not social recruitment nor is it a great way to spend this year’s budget!

1. Engage or become obsolete!

2018 will need to see recruiters become more responsive, nimble and targeted. They won’t be able to just spam candidates anymore. Those who survive will be the ones who are able to engage in the conversation. The ones seeking to control the conversation will be defeated by those who can inspire and influence through the social channels their audience prefers.

Door het geheel te automatiseren zal het proces sneller en geleidelijker verlopen en zijn alle campagnes centraal beheersbaar en inzichtelijk. De combinatie binnen dit process leidt tot meer conversie en meer, goede sollicitanten.

2. Use it wisely!

STOP blindly using social because it’s fashionable to do so, without taking any notice of real data and demographics. Stop trying to attract the wrong audience with the wrong channels. For example, attracting certain millennials via Facebook won’t work, when most millennials have moved on to other social networks such as YouTube and Instagram. 99% percent of recruiters I see using Twitter just connect it with their ATS and use it to post jobs. Guess what? Nobody is paying attention, because it’s not engaging. There’s no content, all you are doing is posting jobs. People will just ignore it because it’s not current.

3. Stop being transactional!

I HATE it when I see recruiters treat social media as a transactional platform – candidates aren’t stupid! It’s time to resist logging onto LinkedIn to find that one person you need right now – recruiters need to avoid contacting people about a job before they have really assessed their suitability for the role. It’s about engagement and education on social media – you have to think long-term. I’m not saying it’s not OK to share job ads occasionally or in the short term to get on people’s radar – BUT followers of a company want to see quality content too. Things like insights into the sector, industry news and infographics or videos. If you want social to be a success – you have to be able to have the ability to measure that success.

4. Find the tribe and you will find the talent!

Basically, this means that first you scope out (map) the talent landscape, and find where there are pockets of your ideal talent. Then, once you understand their environment, you engage. You’ll be able to approach them without the need to interrupt them, or distract them. Social media is no longer a ‘maybe’ it is an essential recruiting tool for companies. A place where they can open their doors and provide a sneak peek into their company culture and people, and a place to attract new people—especially those with rare skills—to their job opportunities.

2017 will see automation and programmatic truly come into it’s own (yes I know, we’ve been talking about it long enough!) There are tools out there now which have taken Europe by storm, that identify and target candidates through social channels using programmatic like never before. The ability to develop clear, intelligent social strategies then back that up with research, live data and analysis is an absolute must (I’m not talking about Hootsuite here!) Optimization software that can analyse your content and decide on the best messaging, target audience, location, density etc will ensure that all campaigns are a success. Social goes way beyond PPC Fb campaigns these days (remember that these were designed to make FB money – not save you money!) In fact, social campaigns through the use of intelligent software can save you money and time while converting with real results.