A case study: How we collaborated with international retail giant - Action

7 January 2019 - Alex Jones

Alice Cornelissens – Employer Branding Specialist at International retail giant Action talks about how her organisation collaborated with MrWork to revolutionise their recruitment program.

Let’s start at the beginning. Why did you chose MrWork?

“MrWork is the only recruitment solution that gives our store managers control. Before MrWork, HR was tasked to deliver everything. Each store had to apply for budget, link up with regional managers, etc - the whole process was slow and inefficient. Now, via MrWork’s dashboard, Managers are empowered to directly manage their vacancies, for the full hiring lifecycle. This has resulted in managers feeling truly responsible for recruitment. No other company provides a solution like that.”

What are the benefits?

“Well, it clearly helps reduce time-to-hire, and is also more cost-efficient. Our head office is also relieved of burden as store managers are now directly responsible for their personnel planning, as well as managing their own budget. The MrWork dashboard illustrates exactly how much budget is available to them. When it’s gone, it’s gone… they clearly see they have conducted an efficient hiring campaign. Another benefit is that Managers become much more cost aware of recruitment processes, and are motivated to better influence hiring for their own branches.”

MrWork is able to finitely target key candidates, did you see this in the results?

“Yes, we certainly saw that. To fill vacancies, we mainly look for part-time workers. These are often younger people, typically looking for a second job while at university or undertaking other studies. We find these younger people don’t like to travel far! Therefore, each Action branch looks to recruit super-local specific targets. We really see a clear correlation between MrWork’s Facebook/Instagram timeline campaigns and the number of job applications coming through.”

So, it sounds like the perfect solution?

“We’re extremely happy with MrWork! Applying for a job with Action is now very easy. That’s an absolute must if you want to attract young people. Nobody is prepared to go through extensive application forms anymore. With MrWork, candidates only have to enter their name and email address, essentially. In a flash, that information is delivered to the store manager, who is then able to immediately contact applicants. Compared to our current recruitment site - where the job application process consists of many more steps - this really is a significant gain. Fortunately, from MrWork’s insights, we’re also improving our recruitment site.”

What about the long term?

“The dashboard is tailor-made for our needs and we’re continuously looking at optimising results together with MrWork. This partnership really does work very well! As far as I’m concerned, we’ll be continuing our collaboration with MrWork for years to come... with pleasure!”