This is how you find and attract those hard-to-reach IT specialists

25 October 2018 - Alex Jones

IT professionals such as developers are fundamental to the success of their employers business in the modern world. It is no surprise then that recruiting these sought-after individuals is tough!

A section of the workforce that does not need to search hard for new employment opportunities is always going to be hard to reach. This is why attracting top IT talent should start when they are not necessarily looking for a job - when they are browsing social media. Taking a person on a series of well thought out and inspiring social media touchpoints will go a long way to inspiring talented individuals to join your growing team.

This is where we at MrWork come in.


Our campaigns show that planting the seed of an enthralling Employer Brand is of great importance during a candidate journey. By tailoring each touchpoint to suit the bespoke behaviorial traits and needs of the target audience we can build campaigns that consistently nail one of the keys to successful recruitment marketing: Delivering the right message, to the right individual at the right time.

Case Study

We would like to take you through one of our most successful customer cases to date, where we worked with a large organisation in the insurance sector. As a result of a change in their services at the end of 2016, our client needed to employ a new section of Developers to meet their business needs. In addition to this they wanted to hire fewer external professionals and to move operations in-house, while at the same time increasing their employee retention rates.

A big challenge - but we are used to that.

Go live

After researching and mapping out our target group, we activated a comprehensive social media strategy using a number of multi-phased campaigns. Throughout these campaigns, and social touch points the engagements and interactions received from the audience provided our client with invaluable audience insights. Based on these insights, we were able to tailor the journey according to the needs of the potential candidate and how far down the new-role consideration journey they were. The social media strategy ensured that the candidate could walk the so-called candidate journey at their own speed.

Optimising and learning

By constantly analysing and learning from the data the campaign was generating in real-time we were able to optimise the campaigns quickly and ensure the candidate journey was delivering the content the audience were ready for. This ultimately led to some impressive results. The session duration on the careers website increased by 25 percent and website traffic by 30 percent. The campaigns ultimately contributed to a significant increase in qualitative applications - a result that we are rightly very proud of.

Employee Engagement

But in didn’t stop there, In addition to the top results achieved, the campaigns also resulted in a large increase in current employee involvement and work-force pride. Because employees saw themselves or their colleagues in the campaigns, enthusiasm and pride arose. And because they were proud of what they saw and thus their organisation, they were able to inject more life and energy into their daily projects and challenges. Not a goal in itself, but a fantastic bi-product of a strong Employer Branding campaign.

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