Why mobile-friendliness is so important for your application procedure

7 January 2019 - Alex Jones

In a time when we get warnings if we spend too long on our phones, and bearing in mind that in all those minutes we spend on the Internet during our entire life, we could have travelled to the moon 32 times or run 10,000 marathons*, we’d better make sure that this time online is well spent. Particularly when we’re talking about job vacancies and application procedures. As we can see on the market and in practice, there is still much to be done here. Mobile friendliness plays an important role.If you have some time, we’d be happy to explain why.


Most of the traffic to your career website comes in via social media. So a big role, if not the biggest, is played by your website. If it isn't user-friendly, in other words if it’s unresponsive, slow or not easy to use, you have a problem. Potential candidates who might fit in very well at your organisation give up in droves when faced with complicated websites or procedures. And that’s a shame, because research carried out by the job search website Indeed shows that 59 per cent of jobseekers in the Netherlands search for interesting roles using their mobile phone or tablet.

Social media with chat functions like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger play an even bigger role here.

Working on your career page

It’s actually remarkable that these websites are lagging behind, while nine times out of ten, the content developed for your company’s employer brand is mobile-friendly. For example on social media you’re much more likely to share shorter videos, as they can be viewed more quickly than long ones. The career website is all too often forgotten, and its application procedures are often needlessly complicated.

Tips & tricks in practice

To take an example, interested candidates are often asked to upload a CV and/or motivation letter. But very often they don't have these documents on their mobile, so they give up. Just like that, you might miss the perfect candidate.


A simple solution: ask the (potential) candidate to leave an email address. This allows you to send them a reminder to finish the application process later at a time that’s convenient for them. Another thing you can do is link the application process to LinkedIn. This way the application stays within the social media environment, and you make it even easier and more accessible for the candidate.

Career website

Optimising a mobile friendly career website doesn't have to be time-consuming, but it does need to be spot-on: well-organised and clear. Visitors to your website must find what they’re looking for immediately. Many companies struggle with this; we’re happy to help. If you want to find out how, or see the clients whose mobile-friendliness and application process we have successfully optimised, contact Andrew via andrew@mrwork.co.uk.

Source: https://www.marketingfacts.nl/berichten/mens-online-cijfers-over-ons-digitale-bestaan-2018