Instagram Stories – A temporary message with a lasting legacy

30 May 2018 - Alex Jones

The popularity of the Stories feature on Instagram is rapidly increasing with viewers and advertisers alike. Here at MrWork we are finding it is proving to be a valuable and powerful tool in reaching more of the talent pool in our campaigns. Instagram currently has around 300 million users worldwide who post videos and photos in their stories every day. Once mainly used by those aged under 25, Instagram has recently increased it’s reach and the user base is now much more diverse and representative of the community. Stories are a way to show much more of your organisation and it’s employer brand – it enables us to allow potential recruits to peek under the hood, see what working in your company is like and engage with your employer brand on a more personal, intimate level.

A raw, un-edited insight into your company

Stories are being watched because users want to see something engaging and current, but above all, something real. Nothing too slick and polished but a fun, realistic insight. These insights makes your organisation more tangible, personal and brings your target group closer to your employer brand. The temporary nature of an Instagram Story allows employers an opportunity to share something authentic. Stories play automatically and are in full screen for up to 15 seconds, allowing users to easily engage with your employer brand. Stories are easily consumed by the target audience as they do not ask anything from the viewer, and being short, they don’t rely on any viewing commitment!

Top of mind marketing achieved without the irritation

The Instagram user can see an organic story for 24 hours. With promoted stories we can determine the lifespan and frequency of the ads. This control allows us to find the right balance between being at the top of our candidates minds without irritating them, however, it is key to mix up what content you use in your stories. People do not want to constantly come into contact with the same content so keep things fresh and prioritise quality over quantity…Think of using company announcements, events, vlog snippets and general workplace life to keep your audience engaged.

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