Why you should be using Snapchat for recruitment now

16 October 2018 - Andrew Port

How do you reach young people today? We hear that question regularly. LinkedIn is unknown territory for them and Facebook is quickly becoming a platform that "your parents use". For MrWork the answer is a simple one - Snapchat. We are fully convinced of the added value of Snapchat to social media recruitment, which is why we discuss this platform and its benefits with all of our clients.

Invest in Your Future Talent

Snapchat is the ideal environment to reach young people - 78% of 18-24-year-olds are reported to use the platform - and put simply they spend a lot of time on it. The platform is ideal for low-threshold contact and increases your visibility with a specific target group that is far less accessible on other networks.

More and more companies are coming to MrWork saying they want to appeal to "Young Professionals". However, they are unaware of what the best strategy is to target this group. With Snapchat it is possible to raise the interest of a third or fourth-year university student who may be looking for a graduate placement or an internship in the immediate future, as well as cosset a high school student or a first-year university student who may be ideal for your organisation much further down the line.


Reaching this target group is one thing, but WHEN you reach them is vital. Far from simply being young, people of High School and University age will naturally be thinking seriously about their future. They are making important choices about which fields to study and what careers they wish to pursue. When they see great content from companies with a great employer brand this is what will make them engage with you and attract them to you in the future.

Value & Investment

Once the benefits of using Snapchat are made clear, another obstacle we tackle is cost. Advertising on Snapchat is much more expensive than on other networks, there is no way to deny this. However, what you invest now, will help to strengthen your future talent pool. Short-term cost can very easily add up to long-term value.

In addition, Snapchat has a second and very obvious advantage: there are currently relatively few companies that are fully utilising the advertising possibilities of the platform. This means the chances of your specific target group seeing employer brand regularly is greatly increased. If you compare this to the noise on other social media networks this is a clear and direct benefit of the platform.

Why Now?

Snapchat is a platform that the majority of younger social media subscribers use on a daily basis. It is the perfect ground for reaching the talent of the future, due to the demographics of the majority of people active on the platform. With relatively few companies fully utilising Snapchat, it is the ideal area to attract, advertise to and cosset the talent of the future.

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