Case Study: How we successfully recruited IT professionals and drove workforce pride

5 June 2018 - Alex Jones

Reaching and recruiting the top IT talent for companies in the Finance and Insurance sectors is tough! Nine times out of ten, the candidate you want does not have the slightest idea of ​​the great initiatives, activities and challenging projects within your company. The success of your recruitment depends on a good, thoughtful candidate journey on social media and the trick is to show the candidates enough information about your company to spark into life the desire to be a part of your team.

If you do not know anything about a company, would you be interested in a job with them?

Our campaigns demonstrate that showcasing a company’s employer branding is extremely important during the candidate journey of the IT professional. By organising the journey of your target group based on their behaviour and needs, you as a company can optimise your campaign strategy and drive quality, relevant and engaged candidates. At MrWork we have a vast number of IT recruitment campaigns under our belt and in particular within Finance and Insurance we can see that the demand for quality candidates is rising.

How to play the subtle game of candidate seduction?

Lets to take you into one of our most successful customer cases – a large organisation within the insurance sector in the Holland. Our client chose to change its services at the end of 2016 and as a result they wanted to attract a different type of IT professional. In addition to this they wanted to reduce the costs involved in the hiring process. The campaign’s primary objective was to strengthen and amplify their employer brand by reaching more of a targeted quality candidate pool and thus drive strong applications. The client was also looking to increase their current retention rate. So there was a big challenge ahead.

Based on educated assumptions about the target group, we deployed the campaigns on the social media channels that we had mapped out and determined to be the best platforms to utilise to engage our desired audience. Throughout the course of the campaign the constant learning process and data analysis performed by the MrWork team provided invaluable insight to the company to help them learn about their perfect candidate – their needs, behaviours and concerns. Based on the insights we gathered, the social journey could be customised and tailored to fit the potential candidate and ensure every touch point they had with our client was a positive experience.

Our bespoke, tailored approach ultimately led to outstanding results. The session duration on the work-at website increased by 25% and the website traffic increased by 30%. The campaign contributed towards a serious increase in the number of qualitative applications.

In addition to the great results amongst our target group, the campaign and subsequent campaigns ran with the client has resulted in an increase in internal involvement. As a result their current employees saw themselves or colleagues in the campaigns, this drove a sense of belonging, enthusiasm and workplace pride. This was not necessarily the primary goal of the campaign, but is a great example of how our campaigns drive so much more than just applications.

“Our employees have shared the content out of pride and enthusiasm. This resulted in an extra result, namely the growth of our internal employer brand. It has given us good referrals for the IT and we are very pleased with that. “

Do you want to know how we can set up your perfects candidate’s journey? Please contact us, we are always happy to chat about what we can do for you.