The Rise of the Employee Brand

10 January 2018 - Zeno Lampe

There’s a lot of changes afoot in the world of Employer Brand at the moment. I spend my days talking to HRD’s, CEO’s and Talent Acquisition teams about Social Employer Brand and the upcoming Loop in social recruitment. Once upon a time (not that long ago), I was still faced with businesses (particularly public sector) who banned employees from using social media in the workplace. The thinking was that controlling this was the most effective way to avoid any negative online comments.

Fortunately, attitudes are on the turn! More and more of our talent leaders are thinking ‘social’ and as the rise of the ‘Social Recruitment Loop’ continues and promises to become prevalent as we enter 2018, they can now see the advantage of switching from Employer to Employee brand.

Candidates are savvier and no one actually falls for the typical videos on career sites that highlight the same old employees (normally those who have breezed through the internal career process) telling us how wonderful it is to work there! Don’t potential candidates and employees deserve transparency and honesty? Shouldn’t an employee be able to share Instagram posts or “Snaps” of their working lives? Isn’t this a real reflection of ‘a day in the life of?’ At the end of the day, if we trust our team with a phone and email, then why not with social media?

The workforce of the future like to see genuine snaps, posts and pins. Yes there’s still management of those accounts needed but current employees are more likely to post positive rather than negative comments – it’s more than their job ‘s worth! But by promoting employee brand, you get a true reflection of not only your internal workforce but also a clearer understanding of who you’re attracting. Put all this together and what do you know? You’ve just created an organic honest employer brand!