How we successfully drove apprenticeship applications with Snapchat

29 January 2019 - Vicki Iosson

Read how we used an emerging Social Media ad platform in order to engage a hard-to-reach section of the labour market and generate 35 hires!


A national Hospitality company were looking to recruit school leavers into their Apprenticeship scheme. They recognised that there was a skills shortage within their industry and therefore the Apprenticeship scheme was essential for bringing new talent into the company.

Although they are a large organisation, our client had little brand awareness amongst this young age group and as a result struggled to attract applications. Therefore, the client approached MrWork with the goal of raising their brand awareness and attracting more applications for their Apprenticeship vacancies.


Based on the client’s objectives and their target demographic, MrWork devised a concise and impactful Snapchat campaign to allow potential recruits to discover more about life as an Apprentice and view the vacancies in their location.

Why we chose Snapchat

After mapping out the target audience’s social behaviour, we identified Snapchat as the optimal channel. This is where the audience were most active on social and therefore where we could regularly reach the audience with content. We used 10 second videos that gave an insight into life as an Apprentice and would appear as user-generated content in our audience’s feed. This type of content is optimal on Snapchat as it feels authentic and will appear as similar to the content shared by the user’s friends.


The campaign was viewed by the target audience over 500,000 times and drove over 3,500 website visits. The awareness that was generated by this campaign contributed to more than 35 hires across 25 locations which allowed our client to fill all of the placements in their new Apprenticeship scheme.

The campaign also boosted their general employer brand awareness amongst this key target demographic which creates a legacy for future Apprenticeship recruitment drives.

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