Why Recruiting via Social Media Works for Retailers

19 October 2018 - Alex Jones

In this case study from one of our clients - a large internationally recognised retailer - we explain why social media is a large part of, if not the complete answer to this recruitment headache.

Recruiting great employees is a tough job for retailers! Not only do they have to deal with a large turnover of their mostly young staff but the diversity of their target group means it is difficult to identify, reach and to engage with them.


Most of the applications our client was receiving came from younger people looking for part time employment. Sixth formers, University students and younger people who had not pursued higher education or training programs. Our client was happy with this demographic, they were just not getting enough applications. With such a diverse talent pool it was extremely difficult to target them with one overarching recruitment programme. This is where MrWork came in, we recognised that this diverse group do have some key connecting characteristics:

1.) They have little or no bond with the brand - they are working purely for the money and will do this whenever or wherever  is most convenient.

2.) The motivation to follow an extensive application process is low - especially in an age where people are used to doing things in just a few clicks.

3.) With multiple distractions available for young people today, mobile phones, social media etc, it is difficult to fight through this noise and be heard.

The Solution

Armed with these facts it became clear that any successful recruitment strategy would need to follow a few key rules:

1.) Recruitment must target people who are local

2.) The application process must be as quick and easy as possible

3.) You must be visible where they are active: SOCIAL MEDIA!

One of the major advantages of using social media to recruit is the ability to be incredibly specific with who you are targeting. Not only can you determine the location of the individuals you are targeting you can also ensure that your message is delivered on the exact time and date when they are most likely to see  and interact with it. This is exactly what MrWork did.

In March, we released a campaign that concentrated on the upcoming summer holidays. The message was simple, put the work in now to ensure you have enough money saved up to enjoy the best summer of your lives. Using our bespoke social media software solution we were able to target the exact people our client was looking for.

This approach payed off! Applications were dramatically increased and our client had the engaged, hard working, flexible staff they desired. Finding and attracting your target audience isn’t difficult, you just have to know where to look for them and how to target them!

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