4 Social Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2019

6 February 2019 - Alex Jones

What will the major emerging trends and patterns be in the social recruitment arena over the next 11 months? Below we pick out some of the key trends that we expect to become powerful tools in attracting top talent on social media in 2019.

Employers embrace “Stories” :

The Stories format has taken the social media industry by storm. Stories create so many interesting opportunities for employers. It allows employers to reach, interact and gain a deeper connection with their talent pool and existing employees.
We expect to see the number of employers using Facebook and Instagram stories to rapidly rise this year as the battle for the perfect candidate moves away from the typical social media feed ads.

Authentic, relatable content will kick highly produced photography and video into touch:

Are people getting tired of social ads and becoming ever more savvy to traditional ads? We certainly think they are. People are going on social media apps to engage and interact with each other, not to see highly polished slick adverts. For companies on social we feel this means you need to be authentic and use genuine relatable content that will connect with your ideal candidate on a more human level. Making your sponsored content appear just like organic content will be one key for success in 2019.

‘Social Proof’ will become ever more important to campaign success:

What do we mean by social proof? We mean likes, comments and shares of your content. Following in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, social networks are continually moving to protect their users from irrelevant and annoying advertising. As a result the more your ads get liked, commented on and shared the more Facebook thinks your campaign is highly relevant and the more success you will have!

What does that mean for us recruiters and marketeers? Similarly to the previous point, we feel by making your content “real” and engaging, asking questions and getting social on social media you will be setting yourself up for social media success.

The rise and rise of video will continue:

More and more employer brands will turn to video, and will need to continue doing so in order to keep up with the competition. Time and time again in our campaigns we see video ads outperform static ads, particularly for raising awareness, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down.

While the majority of this video will be consumed on Facebook and Instagram we expect to see more employers using the world’s 2nd biggest search engine, Youtube, in order to showcase their employer brand and begin an engaging Candidate Journey.

If you want to know more about how we can use these emerging trends and more to help you attract the top talent this year then get in touch with us on andrew@mrwork.co.uk