How we used social to recruit an entire IT team!

26 March 2019 - Alex Jones

Imagine you have two months to recruit a whole IT team, in a city your company has never recruited before, with practically zero employer brand awareness and a non-existent network within the IT community there. Sounds like a mission impossible case, doesn’t it?


MrWork was tasked with just this and set about creating a content & activation strategy to build our client's employer brand awareness and position them as a desirable tech employer in the Bristol area.

The plan was to generate a huge amount of awareness and then captalise on this awareness by driving sign-ups for an upcoming Tech event. The goal of the event was to build up a network of new Tech talent and create a desire amongst potential candidates to become a part of the organisation! This was especially challenging when you consider that demand for tech talent is projected to further increase by a significant 12% in the coming year which means that building a strong connection with your tech candidates have never been more important.


In order to build awareness, we used video content across several social networks that were relevant to the target audience for this role. The engaging content captured the audience’s attention and raised awareness of the company. We then retargeted these interested individuals to reach those who had engaged with the video and drive them to sign-up for the event.

After the Tech event, we continued to engage our talentpools of candidates who had attended the event and those who hadn't but we were still engaging with on social. This audience could then be targeted with further content highlighting current vacancies and open opportunities.


As a result of the strategy and methods used, the campaign drove a huge amount of awareness amongst a cold audience and resulted in the campaign driving quality potential candidates to the careers site which was essential in enabling the client to build their reputation as THE Tech employer of choice in the area.

In addition to being able to put on a hugely successful event on the day, the client also made a number of hires and were able to pipeline many more candidates for roles at a later date. Through using social to raise their brand awareness and attract new candidates the client was able to fill crucial vacancies and learn more about the talent pool’s reaction to their employer brand in the process.