How we raised an Employer's Brand Awareness in order to be able to attract the top Accountancy talent

24 September 2018 - Alex Jones

''This is how we raised our Employer Brand Awareness in order to be able to attract the best Accountancy professionals '' - DRV

DRV Accountants & Advisors strive to be one of the best employers, offices and places to work in the Netherlands. That is the pledge which DRV makes to its clients, employees and stakeholders. They can only live up to this promise by employing the best people who consciously choose to be part of an exciting, ambitious SME.

The company has experienced significant growth during the previous year, and in order to maintain this trajectory DRV needs to constantly invest in it’s people. However, with an increasingly competitive labour market, it is becoming ever more challenging to entice the top talent in the finance sector.

''Our employees play the leading part in our story. Their story about working at DRV is a real and is told without a script. This authenticity is well attuned to our target group.''

DRV believe in order to present a company in a distinctive way, it is important to showcase the key EVPs and portray them through an authentic, believable story. This belief led to DRV devising a comprehensive campaign strategy. They wanted to convey a realistic picture about its organization, employees and the daily working life. From this vision the campaign was born: 'Working in the real economy'.

''We have put together a campaign team comprising on in-house experts and agency partners with MrWork being responsible for the delivery of the social media elements. By constantly testing and analyzing the content and results against the recruitment specific benchmarks and results history of MrWork, we got to know our target group better and really begin to understand what resonated with them.''

Increasingly, the first contact moment between a potential candidate and an employer is happening online. This is why the social media element was so crucial to the success of the wider DRV campaign. The social reactions and engagement provide insight into things such as; what the target group finds interesting about DRV; which content performs the best and how aware the talent pool is with the current DRV employer brand.

"We can see that our brand recognition and the website traffic has risen substantially - Our vloggers are now regularly recognized at fairs and events.''

For DRV, a balance between online and offline recruitment is the key to a successful campaign. DRV can see from the results that they are able to inspire the talent pool at the beginning of their career - something they are immensely proud of.

Another key benefit was the impact the campaign had on internal involvement and workforce pride. Because employees are an integral part of the campaign and tell their own story they feel a part of the wider movement and a more valued member of the company.

''Our employees are what made the campaigns a success. We had a strong feeling that we were working together to recruit the best colleagues by promoting a true, realistic image of DRV - This is what makes this campaign special.''

''The great thing about social media campaigns is that you can learn so much. The data can provide so much valuable insight, such as: which target groups are more interested; which content performs better; which type of images resonated with the audience; which media types are most relevant to which target group etc. During the monthly analysis with MrWork we were able to extract crucial information and discuss how we can optimize the campaigns. Our future goal is to continue to make our entire recruitment process more transparent and therefore strive to achieve better results.''