How we worked with a leading NHS trust to attract candidates for GP practice vacancies

26 February 2019 - Alex Jones

Discover why our client - a leading NHS trust - worked with us to attract candidates for GP practice vacancies and were so happy with the results they have renewed the campaign 3 times!


A leading UK NHS Health Trust needed to raise awareness amongst qualified clinical and support role workers about the opportunities available to them in General Practice. While awareness of their Employer Brand was high, they wanted to use social media to highlight the current shortfall in General Practice staff and help plug this hole in their talent pool.

What happened…

Working with our client, the MrWork team devised a campaign to promote our client’s unique message by using a mix of multimedia content and social networks. We drove traffic through to specific vacancy pages on the client’s website, all tracked and analysed by the MrWork team. This helped the team to optimise and improve the campaign as it progressed, working closely with our client through the process. We were able to identify which content and messages were really working with our target audience and were able to help the client to really drill down into their target group - discovering more about their interests and behaviours.

Why we did what we did...

From our extensive past campaign knowledge, the team chose the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter networks. This multi-network approach allowed us to reach the entire talent pool, irrespective of their demographics and behaviours and engage with potential candidates multiple times.

As well as attention-grabbing short video content featuring current employees we also used images of real people who were similar to our target audience. This allowed us to generate engagement and social proof as the content was relatable and empathetic to our target group. This engagement helped our client to connect with their target group, begin new conversations and with our team’s feedback, better understand what their candidates wanted!


Aside from our client being so happy they extended the campaign ... Our team was able to educate and inform our client on some key traits of their target audience in our regular discussions. We analysed and discussed the behaviour of the target audiences and discovered insight and patterns that were incredibly valuable to our client moving forwards.

We also drove a significant amount of website traffic and a huge amount of social media engagement. During the period the campaign ran we increased visits to the overall careers site by a strong 39% and crucially increased page views of GP Practice vacancies by a stunning 197% - massively helping our client to meet their recruitment needs.

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