How we're revolutionising the
recruitment arena

How we're revolutionising the recruitment arena

About MrWork

We’re not newcomers to the recruitment market. We believe in the power of social recruitment. Our proven record is challenging the market to ensure the future of recruitment is social.
MrWork team

Our Team

We aim to make social recruitment the standard for HR, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment. This is because we believe social is the most powerful tool to connect and engage the entire talent pool. Everyday, over 40 people share this conviction with energy and enthusiasm at our offices in Manchester, Rotterdam, Hamburg and a growing number of MrWorkers in Krakow and the USA.

Life at MrWork

Each day our team are busy activating the coolest jobs and employer branding content to the right candidates via social media. With the constantly changing face of social media, technology innovation and platform changes, no day is the same. We work in an innovative and fluid market, which means we must always look at ourselves, constantly searching for improvements and optimisations that we can make to deliver the best results possible for our clients.

If this sounds like your thing and you want to be a part of our team, check out our vacancies below!

Life in MrWork