Revolutionising Global Talent Acquisition through the power of Social

At MrWork it's our mission to make social work for companies to find the top talent and supercharge their recruitment drive. Are you fighting the war for talent? Then social is the place to find your perfect candidate.

Speak directly to potential talent

On social media you not only reach active jobseekers, but also a very large group of people who don't (yet) know that they're looking for a new job: the latent jobseekers. It's easy to reach the 'active' candidate on social but how do you engage those who don't know they want to work for you yet?

Sometimes a job vacancy just doesn’t cut it. MrWork can activate your ‘social’ employer brand by targeting the right candidates, at the right time with the right message. You don’t entice this group with a job, you do it by activating your employer brand and showing your vacancies to the right candidates. And that’s exactly what MrWork does.

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Activate your Employer Brand

MrWork ensures that your company engages with the right people. We do this through the use of bespoke technology and an experienced team of people: tech and team. This is what powers MrWork.

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Let’s Recruit Social

The result is a clear recruitment strategy for each client along with tailor-made social software that guarantees we connect you with your target group.

We believe that you can engage every candidate with your organisation thanks to the power of social media.

Join MrWork and let’s Recruit Social.

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